Sunday, October 29, 2006



I don't normally read the Sunday Mail, I definitely don't buy it but while at my parents this afternoon I thought I would see what they were saying. Unfortunately I made the BAD choice of reading Elaine C Smith's column, normally I give it a berth ever since she suggested that 'men' don't listen to her because she is female! My answer to that was I don't listen to you and I am female it is cause you talk complete and utter drivel!

Well she has done it again, this time she is attacking Wendy Alexander MSP, one of the brightest women in the Scottish Parliament. Ms Smith shows how ignorant of the Scottish Economy she actually is! She suggests that EVERY new job in Scotland is 'low waged, non-unionised and part time?' where does she actually get this stuff from? My suggestion was that she gets it from the SNP who are well known for their lack of research and their lack of understanding when it comes to the economy (the fact that they frequently miscalculate their policies shows this), rumbled again eh Elaine!


Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about this blog is that you don't realise how thick and ridiculous you really are, do you?

Keep it up - God loves a trier!

Rayleen Kelly said...

Yet again the SSP/SNP resort to name calling and personal attacks pretty much proving my point so thank you Donald! And please come again!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has actually studied the labour market recently ican verify that Elaine C Smith's comments are substantially correct.

Labour have continued the trend of the Tory years by continuing to destroy the good, well paid, skilled jobs and replacing them with low paid, short term, part-time, poor conditions and non-unionise jobs.

Rayleen Kelly said...
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