Wednesday, November 01, 2006



This morning the launch of the Children's Services Plan in a format more accessible to young people. You will see from the article below that it is organised by Young People and written by young people, and I am delighted to say that the young people seem to be having a positive response to it.

The speakers included Carmen Pieraccini from River City, who spoke about what this would have meant for her when she was at school. Unfortunately I had to leave before it got to the music but everyone present seemed to be having a great time, the drama presentation went down well with the young people and when I was leaving this morning they were moving into their groups to discuss the issues highlighted and how they would use the Sourced CD ROM to find out what services were on offer to support them. I hope the rest of the event goes well. This is a first in Scotland and I am proud that Renfrewshire is being innovative and engaging the young people on services that affect them.

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