Thursday, November 02, 2006



As part of my duties as a Deputy Convener for Community and Family care, I stand in when the Convener has an alternative arrangement, this can happen now and again, in fact I am surprised it does not happen more with my Convener also being the Deputy Leader of the Council, but thanks to his excellent PA's and his fantastic time management skills it is not a regular occurrence unless it is something that I am delegated to handle as part of my remit.

Well this week I had to do my first TV interview since becoming a Councillor! It was exciting as well as terrifying, I kept thinking wonder how everyone else copes, as someone who was in Youth Theatre for about ten years (thanks to PACE for that) I find it easy to pick things up quickly and I don't get nervous that much either. The topic was the Children's Services Plan CD ROM as outlined here below and the STV reporter was great and put me at ease and I have been told that I did well! The important thing for me wasn't that I was on the news but that they covered the launch of the CD ROM so thanks to the officer in charge for the excellent briefing and the young people for their excellent CD.

Real Radio also covered it and I was very grateful to be picked to speak about it and so relieved when the young people were chosen for the photo! TV or film star I doubt it but it was a fun experience and one I will definitely remember!

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