Thursday, November 02, 2006



The Full Council meeting started at 9:30am and finished at around half two this afternoon with 45 minutes for lunch. As I have previewed some of the issues that were on the agenda already I do not intend to go over them yet again. The interesting point was the behaviour of the SNP in the meeting itself, they are definitely in election mode for the upcoming by election, EVERY motion they put forward they managed to relate in some way (no matter how far fetched) to Elderslie!

The motion on the swimming pool was exactly what we expected, the Labour Administration are intending on shutting Elderslie and Renfrew Baths, which is complete nonsense!! Despite the amendment from the Labour Group assuring that there are NO PLANS to close ANY baths in Renfrewshire the SNP still suggested that ALL of the facilities are still in danger! So watch out for this on the election leaflets.
More later!!


Mudricky said...

As an Elderslie Resident it would be a shame to see the swimming baths close. As a boy I spent many Saturday afternoons there.

For me it is tiring and it seems that this saga of ‘will it close’ has been going on for so long now.

I read in a local newspaper the other week that the village hall is earmarked to be closed too.

I don't know if this is true but I can and feel I should believe it.

If I asked for a reason I would expect it to come down to money but some things are worth more than money.

If it is true?

Shame on you Renfrewshire Council.

Rayleen Kelly said...

It is untrue that either the baths or the village hall is to close, it absolutely enrages me when people start these stupid and totally untrue rumours. The people who start the romours have no concern for the Elderslie residents and neither do those who keep the rumours going simply for political gain!

It was obvious that the SNP were and are trying to scare the peple of Elderslie into voting for them, I hope you and the residents of Elderslie will remember that when you come to vote on the 7th of December


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