Tuesday, October 31, 2006



The full council agenda at item 14 has a motion which could be construed as mischief making by the SNP. Keeping in mind that we have a by election soon what do you think they are getting at with this motion...?

“This Council resolves to support the retention of all public swimming pools in Renfrewshire and would not support any move to close any pool. Further, the Council would support the extension of opening times for existing facilities.”

My feeling is that they are going to try and suggest that the Labour Administration are going to try and close the Elderslie Swimming pool! This is something they suggested the last time and it is as true then as it is now! That is to say it is a complete fabrication! If you see anything printed by the SNP/SSP or any other political party that suggests this feel free to put it where it belongs - in the bin!!!

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