Thursday, September 28, 2006



Tonight on Newsnight he suggested that Cherie Blair should keep her mouth shut! Surprise surprise, I think that he should keep his mouth shut, but that is simply my opinion!

Mr Morgan seems to think that he is some kind of celebrity, the BBC don't do much to dissuade him of this opinion by treating him like a REAL journalist! Bolstering this mans massive ego doesn't do anyone any good! His opinions are as vulgar as they are sexist, his suggestion seems to be that the PM's spouse should be quiet, women should be seen and not heard! This was the original question!

WELL HEAR THIS! I am one woman who will not be silenced, as someone who had the privilege of staying in the same close as a REAL SUFFRAGETTE, I will not be silenced by any misogynistic megalomaniac! I don't believe that we should play to the lowest common denominator as he does, I believe that people are intelligent enough to know what matters! Not being a politician he is NOT subject to the same scrutiny as Jack Straw, and that is where this falls down!

He is now shouting at Jack Straw to apologise for his mistakes, like he has? Has he apologised to the people he hurt and the stories he got wrong as the editor of the Mirror? I doubt it!


wozza said...

i would beg off on the comparrison of Piers Morgans mistakes (shares, faked photos, celeb gossip columns, faked theatre reviews, punch ups with J clarkson)

and Jack Straws mistakes......... relating to Iraq (which kind of, you know, involves dead people)

(i don't like either of them i just think within the context of the program Morgan was slightly more in his rights than straw)

And, spouses of PMs never have an easy ride - Cherie has created a couple of rods for her own back vis-a-vis life style gurus in and out of number 10, hating gordon, being prickly generally.

And i say that not particularly liking gordon either.
BAsically if Cherie wanted a quiet life..... there are decsions she has made that have made it harder for her to achieve that.


and i'm no piers morgan fan

Rayleen Kelly said...

The point that I make is that those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! Until Mr Morgan accepts that he has made mistakes (and ruined people's lives in the process). Mr Morgan was speaking on behalf of whom? Who scrutinised the panels qualifications? What information does he have that we don't about Iraq, the Labour Party or any other topic discussed last night?

My point he is a gossip monger and should be treated as such and not given the status he was given last night. Add to this his perfomance (ie shouting over people speaking) it just shows his ignorance of other people's beliefs.


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