Tuesday, September 26, 2006



OK it is a Labour blog and you would hardly expect anything less than comment on the main speeches at the conference, I know yesterday I said I wasn't going to do this BUT a woman is allowed to change her mind!

I wasn't able to attend national conference (never have) but have seen both Blair and Brown speak to Scottish Conference and I must admit up till now I have always preferred Brown. Not because he is Scottish but because his style brings you into the conversation, it is like he is having a conversation with you and you can answer back at anytime. Blair seemed a little fire and brimstone for my liking, but today he came across relaxed, personable and interested!

I am not one for personalities in politics, I agree with Gordon Brown when he said yesterday that it is about making a difference and helping others, however, Blair today was engaging and entertaining, in fact the story he told about his sons canvassing has happened to me and my cousins when my father and I were standing at the last election. He was non conciliatory and part of me liked that, I understand the need for change but some of the change we have been through has not been substance based merely cosmetic and I think at times this is where we fall down.

If Margaret Thatcher were to stand again today would she be elected on the promises she made in 79? Of course not and Blair's point here is well taken, the change though cannot affect the aspirations that we have for society it must simply be about how we achieve them, not why!

What do you think?

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