Monday, September 25, 2006


I suddenly realised that I forgot to let you all know about this photo, the girl is me aged about 11 and the boy is my youngest brother Tebo (Terence) who must be about 8? Not quite sure if that is right but it looks about it, although he never changed much in the following few years. Anyway Tebo and I are standing at Loch Milton just outside Boat of Garten where we went on holiday every year for about ten years! Not saying I didn't enjoy it I did! It is strange I look back on those times with NO TV, NO Phone, NO radio and think GOD we were lucky!

Every night the guitars came out and we sang until the wee hours of the morning! We sang and sat by the fireside! I know it sounds so parochial but when my friends were in Ibiza I was in Aviemore and loving every minute of it!

Please check out my birthday fundraising page (told you, you would all get sick of hearing about it!) and tell your friends!

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Karamia said...

It is a great pic and yer we all remember that face it could sweeten the most sour lemons when it wanted to.
And yep we all remember your holidays every year Aviemore, we were a little bit more active in the sense we went to british Ibiza
Yep Blackpool lol.
Then again that was over 25yr ago so the beach was clean then and was able to lay in the sand.
We were easily pleased as kids.
I hope you get lots of money raise for the charity hun


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