Friday, September 29, 2006



It came as no surprise as earlier stated that Cllr Martin of Renfrewshire Council abandoned his SNP party after his mate Vassie left, to be honest I know of at least one poll that was running to see how long it would take.

The latest in the saga is that Cllr's Martin and Vassie (still suspended from ALL council meetings) have combined their mighty intellects and formed their own group on the Council (imaginatively called the independents). Cllr Martin the (at least) two time failed leadership candidate for the SNP group on the Council, is at last a leader of himself and the disgraced Vassie! He only needed to leave the SNP to achieve it, meanwhile back on the ranch the SNP locally are in disarray trying to distance themselves from Martin. They suggest it is a bruised ego and that he was on the way out before he jumped, meanwhile Martin suggests that the Boy MacKay is not the real leader that would be equally disgraced Councillor Iain Nicholson!

The saga will no doubt continue with Martin and Vassie setting up their own, Independent SNP party or something of that ilk! I will keep you posted!

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