Monday, September 25, 2006



You are all going to get sick of hearing this, but hear goes again! I am asking for help with publicising my fundraising for my 30th Birthday.

The website address is here, please help! Read either my earlier post or the web site for more information, thanks all!


Karamia said...

Hiya hun, I will add the link to my email signature for the moment also and see if that helps to get the message out.
I hope everyone digs deep as I will put in a donation on the night of your birthday party on behalf of me and my family who all knew and adored Terence even though he was a right tearaway at times,
But a loveable one.
It is a worthwhile cause to try and help find a cure to stop this illness killing anyone else.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Thank you sweetie, i know he thought a lot of you all as well, and your right he was a tear away, in fact I think that is being polite, although as you can see from the photo below he was able to get away with it by batting his eyelids!


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