Saturday, December 09, 2006



Just thought that I would put on a wee bit more information regarding the Elderslie By Election, and Labour's historic victory. I have received some very annoyed comments from the anonymous cowards identifying themselves only as SNP supporters, the reason they are upset is that I identified the Labour victory as an historic one! Well like it or loathe it, this is the truth. This is THE LAST by election to happen in Scotland before the elections next May and as such it is the last Local Government election to use the First Past the Post system.

Personally I don't agree with Proportional Representation, I think that it distorts the ward member link and allows cherry picking of issues by unscrupulous politicians, you only have to look to the Scottish Parliament list MSPs in this area to see that in action.

The new system of proportional representation can be very confusing and the way that your vote turns into an actual representative is not exactly easy to understand. My main concern is that people want to know how voting for their choice turns into a representative and the Scottish Executive have a HUGE job in hand in order to educate the public to this new system.


Mudricky said...

If they have a clue they should have knew 'why' the word historic was used!

Wining by a majoroty of 65 isn't :)

Anonymous said...

You didn't identify the election result as being historic. You didn't even use the word. Maybe inside your head you thought it was historic - but you forgot to post it. You called it convincing. Not what most people would call winning an election by a mere 65 votes.

Rayleen Kelly said...

The title to the post is that it is a 'Historic Victory' so I would read again Klaus!

Plus it is a convincing victory considering that the last time there was a by election in Elderslie the SNP won! And the fact that the SNP threw EVERYTHING they had it this election including wee Alex.

Interestingly enough this 'mere 65 votes' will go down in history maybe that is what the SNP are o upset about!


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