Thursday, December 07, 2006



Despite the howling wind and pouring rain the people of Elderslie came out in their droves and voted in the by election today, the polls closed at 9pm and as per the previous post the Labour candidate John Caldwell won!

The by election caused by the sudden and sad death of Deputy Provost Councillor Jean Goldie was a hard fought campaign, the candidates for the most part ran a clean and positive campaign. The SNP stooped to their normal low by commenting on an alleged police investigation into a former Labour Councillor and put out a leaflet based on this alone! They also tried to suggest that the only way to save the Elderslie baths was to vote for their failed candidate Ms McGee.

The result was close as most by election results are, but Elderslie has spat in the face of the recent polls by You Gov and the like which suggested that the SNP should have walked this one, you only have to look at their forum pages on the Internet to know that they were not only over confident but in some ways taking the result for granted! It didn't matter that the SNP pulled out the 'biggest' name they have in Alex Salmond, and their second biggest in wee sturgeon. In the end they had an effect I don't deny it but their campaign ultimately failed.

It was once said that in elections for a majority 'you only need one vote, the rest is just for ego!' I don't necessarily agree about the ego part but it is true that a majority of one vote is still a majority and a victory!

Cllr John Caldwell holds the seat with a majority of 65.

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Andrew. said...

Congratulations! Pleased the people Elderslie isn't falling for the Nationalist lie that Britain would be better apart.

Just need the results of the Kentish Town by election now, hopefully a good night for Labour local government on both sides of the border :)


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