Thursday, December 07, 2006



Despite the SNP campaign of deception regarding the baths the Labour Party won a convincing victory in the Elderslie By Election, we now have a new Councillor, Cllr John Caldwell!

Congratulations to John and the people of Elderslie for making the right choice!

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Anonymous said...

These results bode well for next years elections don't they Rayleen?

Why are you so scared of people posting non-offensive comments and choosing to keep their real names to themselves?

Or are you scared of answering awkward or difficult questions?

Mudricky said...

Well done John.

Rayleen Kelly said...

The fact that you know that it was non offensive, leads me to the conclusion that you are the coward (no doubt from the local SNP) who cannot or will not identify themselves properly!

On the question of the result I think it does bode well for the next election because it shows that Renfrewshire is bucking the trend (shown by so many polls) and voting for the best representation in the Labour candidate.

As for being scared of answering awkward or difficult questions you have yet to ask one, or was that supposed to be it?

Mudricky said...

What was the majority, do you know yet?

Rayleen Kelly said...

The majority was 65


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