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As it was well publicised I thought that I would wait to write my own article on it. As the Local Councillor for the Paisley Grammar I was not surprised by the glowing report from the HMIE, the main points highlighted on the Renfrewshire Council website include the effective partnership of the School board and the PTA. Obviously I have attended meetings of both groups and I can testify to the good working relationship between the two, they also have an excellent relationship with the Head Teacher Ms Amos and both her leadership, her teams efforts and the effort of her predecessor John have been recognised in this report.

Although at the time I am told there was significant opposition to housing a behavioural unit in the Grammar, the high quality of support for pupils with additional support needs has been praised in this report and I am delighted that Renfrewshire Council were so forward thinking in their plans for those pupils with additional support needs.

The report also pointed out that the fabric of the building does need upgrading and this is already being addressed by the £2.5 Million investment over the next three years, remember it is the Labour Administration that put forward, supported and voted for this investment and I am proud to part of this administration.

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