Saturday, February 10, 2007



I didn't realise until my return yesterday that I had not been to the gym since October!! I joined thinking that I could loose a bit of weight, get healthy you know the usual, but had no idea how difficult it actually was.

Now I don't want to put any of you none gym users off but, it is hard work, I must admit that I am seriously unfit and overweight, I have been for quite some while but, I am trying to do something about it. To the extent that I called my mum (my gym buddy, apparently it is much easier to stick to it if you have someone to go with) and asked if she wanted to go this afternoon as well. My arms, legs and well whole body is beginning to feel it but in a good way, you feel energised and I feel it is easier for me to eat healthy knowing that I am exercising as well.

I think that it is obvious that I am so not one of those people who goes on at length about how low their heart rate is, how high their lung capacity is or how many times they go the gym in a week I write this simply to say, if you live in Renfrewshire and are thinking that you can't go because you are too fat and everyone at the gym will be skinny minnies don't let that stop you, if I can do it so can you. Or try the Jogging buddies, they are a good way to get fit as well, try embracing the healthy living agenda, remember it starts at home.


Scrybe said...

hey, at least your gym isn't on the ground floor of you apartment building. mine is, and I've not been in months!

that said, I did mean to return there soon, and reading this has persuaded me to take action on my intention.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Scrybe: Glad I was able to help (even if it was to shame you into it) I must admit it is a trial to get into the gym but I do enjoy it once I am there I always feel better for going.

On a side point the only thing on the ground floor of my apartment building is a pub, not sure who wins me or you! Although I am not sure if I would go more often if it was on the ground floor!

Anonymous said...

Gyms don't work because no-one, almost literally, continue to go to them for long as boredom sets in.

As an ex-soldier I can tell you that there are much better ways of getting fir and keeping fit.

Your best bet is to run, but never EVER bother with jogging because it is pretty useless. RUNNING is entirely different to jogging. Try and get out of town into the hills and appreciate wildlife while you run and that will help. A treadmill at home is good if you can set it up in front of a DVD or a sport you really like is great exercise, like badminton.

Don't bother with organised exercise like gyms.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Shotgun: I personally feel that people should do what they enjoy, they should do what works for them.

I like the gym it is warm and dry, will eventually get out to the hills walking and running, think I will deal with the election first though.


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