Thursday, January 25, 2007



OK yesterday was a LONG one again, the day started with the constituency business and checking the update on the fire in Dunn Street, I must say at this point that Williamsburgh Housing Association have been excellent, their response times were excellent and the work product was still on the walls last night at the meeting. I can assure the residents that Williamsburgh Housing Association are working hard to make sure that the property is back to it's original standard as soon as possible.

Also on the agenda yesterday was reading the papers for last nights meeting, today's meetings and doing preparation for Friday's meetings. I finally left the office at about 6pm to go to the Management Committee meeting. The meeting was constructive and interesting, a light agenda we were told, the meeting eventually closed at about 10pm. On the agenda were a number of reports including one on the wider action strategy of the Association and I was delighted that the management committee unanimously accepted this report as it mentioned the £4 M upgrade to the Lagoon Leisure centre which is now underway!

A long day, but it was interesting, present at the meeting were some new members of the management committee, great to see new people getting involved and using their voice, all ages welcome!

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