Tuesday, January 23, 2007



For the benefit of my constituents I thought it would be a good idea to explain the changes to the Seedhill ward under the new electoral system for May this year.

The Seedhill ward will now make up part of the new Paisley North East & Ralston Ward, this takes in Hawkhead, Whitehaugh, Ralston and a section of Paisley Central. This ward is a four member ward, which means that the electorate will be selecting four Councillors.

When the elections come round next year you will be able to vote for as many candidates as you like, I would obviously say vote for the Labour candidates first but then you would expect that wouldn't you! You get to rank the candidates in the order of preference but they have to be in order, say for instance you vote from 1 to 4 then leave out 5 and go onto preference 6, the votes from 1 to 4 will be counted and the rest disgarded. If you mark one name with a cross it will be accepted that you are only voting for this candidate.

As I suggested in an earlier post anyone with questions should contact either their local Councillor, the Local Authority or visit the Vote Scotland website which has a good explanation of the system.

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