Friday, December 15, 2006



The Politics Show this evening on BBC Scotland tried to use the Trident issue and Tommy Sheridan to trip up Susan Deacon the Labour MSP, it failed. The really pathetic point is that Tommy Sheridan does not realise that they are simply using him to try and harm the Labour Party, not trying to have a serious debate on the issue. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by Susan Deacon, I have not heard her speak on this issue before and she was excellent.

She pointed out that she was sick of the likes of Tommy Sheridan of Solidarity (ex SSP, ex Militant) reducing the debate to for and against, black and white, because, it is not that simple! This morning I received information on the Trident issue from my local MP Jim Sheridan who is always very good at keeping us all informed, I have yet to read the full document, just like Mr Sheridan! When asked by Ms Deacon about whether he had actually read the Government document (after slamming it), he showed how much of a cretin he actually is by having to admit that he hadn't read the document but had only read newspaper reports about it! This is typical of the SSP/Solidarity members that I know they try to reduce complex issues to black and white, knowing full well that they are not that simple!

I will post on this issue again once I have read the document.


Derek Wall said...

so Trident is a good thing according to labour?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Derek, I didn't say that it was a good thing, I don't know anyone that thinks that Nuclear weapons are 'a good thing' there are some who feel that they are necessary, this is diffrent from thinking they are good.

And the views expressed here are not reflective of every member of the Labour Party, they are only my views. To date I have yet to come to a conclusion either way, but I do think it is important that there is a debate on the issue.


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