Monday, December 11, 2006



  • Funded 3,000 new neighbourhood wardens.

In Renfrewshire the Neighbourhood Wardens have been a major success story, the Seedhill ward which I represent has now had the wardens for just over two years now and I have received many compliments with regard to their work. The wardens are not an alternative to Police but you only have to look at the figures to see what a difference they can make!

•A collective reduction in the cost of vandalism to Council houses of 43.5% in pathfinder areas (Foxbar 38% reduction, Shortroods 82% reduction, West Johnstone 42% reduction and Ferguslie Park 12% reduction).

•Decreasing costs due to vandalism to school premises in Foxbar (49% reduction), Shortroods (77% reduction) and West Johnstone (66% reduction).

•An overall reduced number of reported acts of vandalism in the pathfinder areas, achieving an overall reduction in year one of 4.9%.

•The number of reported vehicle crimes has seen significant decreases compared to Renfrewshire’s 17% reduction, with a 37.8% reduction in Shortroods, 42.2% reduction in West Johnstone and a 25.4% reduction in Ferguslie Park. A small increase of 4.4 % occurred in Foxbar.

•Within the disorder category of crimes, with the exception of Foxbar, other areas are showing decreases against the overall percentage increases for Renfrewshire (5.2%) - a decrease of 12.3% in Shortroods, 21% decrease in West Johnstone and 6.2% decrease in Ferguslie Park.

figures taken from Annual Report 2003


Mudricky said...

I stayed in a rough run down area for a while and I felt they did no good where I stayed.

I called them a few times to try and get some help with problems I had.

I ended up getting help from the police.

The figures speak for themself only I find them very hard to believe.

I sure they are helpful in places but not in the most troubled areas.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Understandably Ricky you are upset about the problems but maybe it is a difficulty with what service the Wardens provide as I say in the post they are not a replacement for Police involvement.

They have been extremely helpful in one of the most troubled areas in Renfrewshire, Ferguslie Park which is actually named in the post. Having spoken to the Councillor for Fergulsie Park (My father) one of the first areas to get the Wardens in Renfrewshire I can tell you that they have made a significant difference to the area.

Mudricky said...

Yes that is fair enough... I am sure they do a lot of good work and don't doubt that for one moment.

John Caldwell on his campaign leaflets said he wanted to being wardens to Elderslie.


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