Tuesday, November 14, 2006



I now and again check in on my dad's website, why? Because it is fun! Some of the issues that he writes about attract a wide audience most of whom are hostile to his views. I have no problem with people arguing with your views putting forward their case and presenting their arguments, only problem is that this is not what happens.

The likes of Mr Farrer and Martin are well known for their personal attacks which have nothing to do with beliefs or issues, although a friend who read some of the articles did suggest that they show a distinct air of threat, they are threatened that is by Cllr T Kelly's views. They have also had a go at me, indirectly on their own comments page, this type of bully is not unusual in their brand of politics and although they may think that they are menacing in reality they are anything but.


Rory Maxwell said...

You're funny.

Rayleen Kelly said...

With regards to this posting I have been contacted by Martin and he has taken issue with my firends assesment of his language. As she does not want me to pass on her details to Mr Kelly (for obvious reasons today with internet safety) I have removed any reference to her profession for his piece of mind.


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