Saturday, November 18, 2006



Not being much of an X Factor fan I was aware but not entirely sure who Journey South were (sorry boys!), but this afternoon at the switching on of the Christmas lights they proved any critics they may have had wrong! Despite of the heavy rain and cold wind the guys showed how professionals should do it! They sung four songs and obviously had quite a following.

They previewed a song from their upcoming album and I must admit that I will probably want to hear more, which is something coming from me because I do not really like most of the acts in the X Factor and Fame Academy shows (with the exception of our own David Sneddon -that is a fiver you owe me Dave) so well done for changing my mind.

Can I also say that I was very impressed with their behaviour, before leaving the stage they shook the hands of the crowd at the front and signed numerous autographs at the Town Hall, which always helps.

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