Friday, November 17, 2006



This afternoon was the third meeting of the Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership of which I a member. The meeting was well attended and even at this stage had members of the public present, the reports discussed included the appointment of the Head of Children's Services, the formulation of the Public Partnership Forum, and a report on the Renfrew Health Centre development.

Some of the opposition in Renfrewshire have complained at great length and at great volume about the Labour Administration of both the Council and the Scottish Executive 'betraying' the people of Renfrew over the Health Centre Development, they have suggested in the past that it was not going to be built, that the Scottish Executive had refused to identify funding and generally ran a campaign of disinformation with regard to it.

Bottom line is that £15 million has been identified and set aside. The plan at the moment (barring any problems) would be that the building would be available by late 2009, just over two years!

It would be interesting to see what Mr Doig (perennial SNP candidate) has to say about this given his recent letter in the Paisley Daily Express condemning the local Labour Council and Wendy Alexander MSP for their continued support and work on this project.

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