Wednesday, November 29, 2006



The Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL) bill was going through it's final phase in Parliament this afternoon and was accepted by 118 votes to 8 with no abstentions. Local Labour MSP Wendy Alexander welcomed the SNP support to the progress of the bill, but pointed out that someone should really tell the local SNP as they have campaigned against the link and continue to do so.

The Local Labour Administration of Renfrewshire Council have argued all along that the pitches at the Race Course (St James Playing Fields) were of prime importance to the people of Renfrewshire, while the local SNP led by the likes of Bruce McPhee list MSP and his protege Cllr Derek McKay led a campaign to stop the Rail Link. The Chair of the Local Football league is quoted as saying that 'Christmas has come early for the St James Playing Fields'. The Local SSP have also said that they are against the bill progressing, I don't have the voting records for today's vote but in June of this year they did vote for it!


RfS said...

The playing fields were gifted to the People of Paisley for their enjoyment on the understanding that when they were no longer needed they would be returned to their owner. The Council has no right, and neither does Holyrood, to build on them as it does not own them. Unless a compulsory purchase has went through?

Besides the local suggestion of branching the existing line after the Interchange was never given a look-in as the decision had already been made.

Rayleen Kelly said...

That is wrong on a number of levels I am not sure where you are getting your information from but I would check it again!

Holyrood can build on the fields and there is nothing the Council can do about it. The branch after the Interchange was considered but was not viable due to the cost implications this would have made the project too expensive. As someone who's parents live at the Racecourse and who has played there as a child, and who still uses them today, I can tell you that this development will not be to the detriment of the fields but will actually greatly improve the facilities offered.

The fact that you take the normal SNP line of the council and Holyrood have no right to build on the land does not surprise me, maybe you should check in with your local MSP to see how they voted on the subject!


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