Tuesday, November 28, 2006



I have never thought that people should vote for someone JUST because they are local, it is not something that the Labour Party support, local people can have a greater knowledge of the problems but it does not follow that they would necessarily be better for the ward, we do support the best candidate and if they happen to be local all the better.

The SNP use the LOCAL card a lot however, their candidate Tracie McGee from Howwood suggested at the last election that because she lived in Johnstone Castle and the Labour candidate Cllr John Hood only lived in Johnstone that people should not vote for him as he was an outsider! I wonder if she has changed her mind now she is the one standing for election as the 'outsider'. (this is how Ms McGee referred to Cllr J Hood in her election materials)

The Tories are at it as well and in the local rag this afternoon their candidate is being threatened with legal action by the local Pharmacist (I am sure you will agree an integral part of the village) for trying to scare residents by suggesting that the local Methadone programme is being improperly run and that it should be shut down. Keep in mind there have been no complaints from Strathclyde Police and they have dismissed the claims. The candidate is obviously trying to stir up an issue without any evidence to back it up, you can make up your own mind if this is normal in your area.

I think that the candidate who most reflects your views and has your trust should get your vote, I think that John Caldwell will do an excellent job for Elderslie and will carry on the excellent work that the Late Deputy Provost Jean Goldie started. It has been well known that Jean LOVED Elderslie and at times it was difficult to have a conversation with her where it did not get back to Elderslie, to her credit she worked extremely hard for her constituents and was extremely well thought of! I am sure that John will carry on this tradition of having a strong and representative Labour voice on Renfrewshire Council.



Mudricky said...

You have made a mistake on your posting. It is John Caldwell who is standing.

Rayleen Kelly said...

thanks for that Mudricky had Calderwood stuck in my brain at the time of writing as I was talking to my friend who is Calderwood must have written this by mistake, if you had not pointed it out I would not have noticed until tomorrow when I checked in again on the blog!


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