Monday, November 27, 2006



My sister has been kind of teaching me how to cook, I am now getting to the stage of adapting her recipes so after my first successful lasagna I am now making the same dish only with chicken! So the recipe remains the same.

Nightmare though that I keep burning my hands on the oven tray! I know I should wear the oven gloves but I can never find them when I need them.

Just so just for the reader who I met this morning I will take a photo of it and put it at the top of this post when it is ready! Probably not the graphics you were looking for but I will continue to try!
I promise it tastes nicer than it looks!


Karamia said...

Tell your sister from me that she should have made it clear about presentation of food especially if you are going to photograph it.
After many years working in the food industry, presentation is the first rule of serving food if it doesn't look good the brain automatically doesn't register it as being good food.
Mental note for next time.
Serve a portion on a clean plate ( wipe around the lasagne witha paper towel then serve with some side salad and add a sprig of parsley to the top of the lasagne to decorate.
I can assure you a lot more people will try and copy a recipe that looks good.

Well done on trying though.
Hugz Karen

Rayleen Kelly said...

My sister tells me stuff all the time, you should know being an older sister yourself us younger ones hardly ever listen!

I think it looks lovely, but then I am eating it! Never gave the recipe on purpose cause it is mine and no one is getting it, much like the Guiness cake my mum makes! he he he


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