Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Training Begins

The Training program is supposed to start tomorrow but to try and get a jump start on it I did a short one mile walk this evening around my home area.  

I co-incidentally went out this afternoon to get proper trainers for the event as well, the ones that I currently have are a pair of £10 no support and hurt your feet type jobs.  I went to a great wee shop on Great Western Road in Glasgow and they really look after you.  

The sales advisor (although he looked about 12) was excellent he assessed my feet and asked me to walk up and down so that he could see whether or not I would need support or minimal support, they had a treadmill at the back of the shop and you get the feeling this shop is for serious sports people but at the same time they did not make you feel unwelcome or strange if you are not sporty like myself, they put you right at ease.  I came away with a rather expensive pair of shoes (around the £60 - £70 mark) and have already had them on, cant quite believe that I didn't get them before as they are excellent!!

So tomorrow is the real start to the training a two mile walk a day, this should also help with the weight loss as well.  I will update how I am getting on here and on my facebook so you will all be sick of the updates and descriptions of what I am doing and seeing on my travels.  Once I get into it properly I will also be taking out the camera to document my progress as well.

Taking this seriously so if you want to sponsor me either use the widget to the right hand side of the page with the donate button or click on the title of this post, I am doing this in memory of my younger brother who we lost 15 years ago this year I think he would get a kick out of it!

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