Friday, June 24, 2011

Progress Report

This week has been a difficult one, I have been on the mid shift at work so I am having to get up early round about 6am in order to get myself prepared and awake enough to go to go for the two mile walk detailed on the training plan.  So far this week I have walked 11 miles this week and I am encouraged by how quickly I am getting into the swing of things. 

I have planned the route and this week I have included a walk down the St James playing fields and have watched the arrival and progress of the Moscow State Circus, I am now going to try and go see the show as I think it will be fantastic.  I have walked all in 11 miles since Sunday and I must admit I am feeling better for it. 

Any suggestions of two mile routes for the next couple of weeks will be appreciated all so get yer thinking caps on.

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