Thursday, March 08, 2007



(Bessie the Lakeland Terrier and Molly the rescue Staffordshire Labrador Cross)

The reason I am not allowed to go to Cardonald Cat and Dog home alone is the same reason I would never be allowed to Crufts, I would come home with about ten dogs!! Every breed/dog that Comes on I want one of those, I don't think they are any where near as nice as Molly and Bessie (photo above) but, they are not bad looking animals, although some (the Labrapoddle) are really strange looking! I must admit to having a soft spot for the Gun Dogs, mainly because we had a Springer Spaniel but also because you get the Clumber Spaniel in that group.

I don't think that Molly or Bessie would win the full competition the whole obedience thing would let them down, Bessie would want to fight with everyone (terrier) and Molly would just want to know what was going on with everyone else, but definitely best in breed!

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