Thursday, March 08, 2007



4:30pm in the School and the event the school board meeting, this one was slightly different because members of the PTA were also invited and as it turns out this was quite advantageous as they have a number of issues which are equally important to both groups.

The main item I was there to speak on was the update on the Seedhill Playing Fields. At the PTA meeting the report on contamination had been discussed as it was apparently handed out, to be honest I am a little concerned that people are simply handing this out without the health warning.

The report does make scary reading when taken out of context and without the expert knowledge that I have been lucky enough to have had access to. I advised the board and the PTA that I would get the Council's technical experts to write a plain English explanation of the contamination issues and the plans as they stand at present. I was glad to see that the PTA, the School Board and the School itself are looking positively to what they can gain from the upgrading of the facilities for the school and the pupils. It should be noted that this will be a full community resource and that will mean improvements to the facilities available to ALL of the schools in the area.

Also on the agenda was the Parental Involvement Act and the implications for the school board and PTA, there has been an awful lot of work went into this not only by the Head Teacher but the parents and I am sure that they will have an excellent response to their plans, I personally wanted to thank everyone involved for their work, it makes the Education Authority's job so much easier when you have the full involvement of everyone in the school community.

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