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A few weeks ago a friends daughter sent me a text to say that I was famous, when I saw her a week later I was a little curious as to what she meant, but as it turns out it was from my past life so to speak.

As a youngster I was involved with a Local Youth Theatre and one of the projects they took on was an alcohol awareness film funded by Drinkwise Inverclyde initially to go on tour to show the dangers of alcohol to young people, I took part in this and it turns out that this is what she was referring to. It turns out that the video is now used throughout Renfrewshire in High Schools as part of their alcohol awareness campaign, I know that PACE are proud of this product and I was lucky enough to accompany them out on the first tour which included drama workshops afterwards and it was a huge success.

The main point for me was that it showed the difference in reception from watching older people telling you drink is bad from watching young people their own age show the dangers and tell a story which many of the young people would be able to connect with.

Similar projects that have been carried out by PACE are Dazzled an anti drugs production, Facing the Consequences a sexual education film, No Way Out a production on bullying in the workplace and Mr Fluffy, to name but a few, they do excellent work and I am proud to be an ex member, and still keep in touch with the organisation through my council duties.

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