Wednesday, February 28, 2007



The Scottish Executive's anti social behaviour roadshow is in Paisley's County Square today and I went along to find out more about it.

You can't actually miss it as the truck is HUGE! the personnel are giving out leaflets and talking to members of the public even though it is a cold, wet and windy day people are stopping to talk to them. The truck it's self is pretty impressive there are comment cards, loads of literature both local and national, a TV screen showing the latest Scottish Executive Adverts, computers with quiz's and a video booth where you can leave a message on anti social behaviour for the Scottish Executive. While I was there, there were a few people checking out the computers talking to the wardens and the police representatives and the whole thing seems to be a success.

Unfortunately the bus is only here for the day, and they are meant to be leaving at 5pm. I would like to thank the representatives who were there ALL day in the rain and wind helping the public with their queries and I hope that the rest of the day was as successful as the time I spent with them.

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