Saturday, August 19, 2006

Scottish Labour Fight for Paisley


Recently in the Paisley Daily Express there has been coverage of the local elected members mobilising the community over the proposed change of name for the University of Paisley, to the University of the West of Scotland. It should be noted here that it is the Labour MSP's and MP's that are fronting this campaign, to date the other parties have not commented, the SNP don't even think it is important enough to put onto their website! While the Local MSP Wendy Alexander has lodged a motion with the Scottish Parliament...

'S2M-4696 Ms Wendy Alexander (Paisley North) (Lab) : University of Paisley— That the Parliament notes that the University of Paisley is holding a consultation exercise on the future name of the institution; further notes that Paisley is Scotland’s largest town and has given the university its original existence and identity; acknowledges that other established universities have been able to expand and open up new campuses in other parts of the country without sacrificing their names; also acknowledges that the University of Paisley is already very successful in attracting students not only from other parts of the United Kingdom but also from overseas, particularly the Far East, and believes that the university can build on its reputation and strengths gained over the years as the University of Paisley and that a change of name would be a mistake for the university and Paisley. '

To be fair Mr McFee of the SNP has also lodged a motion asking that the university bosses include the name Paisley in the name change! So for the SNP the University of the West of Scotland and Paisley would be fine!! Taking the mick much Brucey? While the SNP motion has one supporter (another SNP member) the Labour motion has support from the Liberal Democrats as well as other Labour Members!

Let us challenge the SNP to get involved and I don't just mean putting up a non sensical motion to Full Council on the subject, that might mean something if they were actually involved, sign the petition and encourage others to do so! And if you are going to put up a motion to full council try making it mean something, have an action not just a rallying call!

As an alumni of the University of Paisley and a Local Councillor for Renfrewshire Council I am appaulled by the University Court's suggestion and I have written to the Vice Chancellor to ask him to reconsider, I would urge all of you who are graduates of the University to do likewise!

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