Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Loves and Hates


Someone at work today was going through a list of their pet hates and it made me think of how positive a person I really am! People tell me this all the time but I never believed them until I thought about what my pet hates are and the only thing that really annoys me is when my political opponents attack me on a personal level because they can't think of anything political to attack me on! Actually that is nonsense I actually quite like that because it just shows that I have won the argument! Drivers that go along the inside lane of the motorway when they know fine well it is closing and then indicate to get in annoy me! But that would come under the common courtesy!

My favourite things in the world? My PJ's there is nothing better than coming home and knowing that you don't have to go back out again, getting into your PJ's and settling in for the night! I also love it when you get caught in the rain and are soaking wet and get in put on your PJ's and sit in front of the fire! I LOVE my mum and dad's dogs Molly and Bessie (I will add a photo on a later post) and the way they are so happy to see you when you come home! Even if you were just out at the car to get your coat!

I would urge everyone to make their own list of things that they are thankful for and the things that you like most!

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Clarabelle said...

Me too I pure luv my jammies - they rock! you have exquisite taste - what can I say!


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