Sunday, March 11, 2007



Spent the day at my mum and dad's today and had my digital camera in my bag so I took a few photos of the girls which I thought I would share because they are gorgeous!! What do you think? have you every seen anything cuter?


Anonymous said...

kay stopforth said...

Do you or your father have anything to say about him being exposed as a liar?


Will he be aplogising?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Ms Stopforth,

I have replicated your comment without the links, as I don't (as previously stated on this blog) advertise or blogroll websites which I would not recommend to others.

I am not sure why you posted this particular question against this post? I can only assume you didn't actually take the time to read it, it is about dogs, it has photos and everything! Take it there are no comments on how cute they are then?


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