Wednesday, January 31, 2007



I write this post in the knowledge that I will be slammed by some for it! Big Brother has finished and the evident bullying that took place is now the topic of many conversations from the train to the broadsheet pages and the radio. However there is a wider theme here, not bullying in the Big Brother House, but online!

There are those that simply slag off others for their own gratification, there are those who send anonymous mail both snail and email of a most vile nature, there are those who think calling you names is OK behaviour! To those people and I believe you know who you are, I pose this challenge, try (just for a change) creating an argument on the issues, try putting your point across in a logical and respectful manner (that means no swearing). If you do this, I may not agree with you but I will respect your beliefs until you do, you are no better than the school yard bully.

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