Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Domestic Violence

'Shir Sean'

I recently read a few articles on this subject and found it quite alarming I am sure you will too.

Apparently Sean Connery was booked to attend a political festival in Edinburgh later this year and was to be interviewed by the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament George Reid. Well it turns out that George Reid used to be quite an accomplished journalist and when he was asked what he would be asking auld Sean boy about he said he would not take it easy on him and may ask him questions regarding his alleged attitude to women. As Mr Connery was quoted as saying that it was OK to give a woman a slap now and again in a rather famous US magazine. Well as you would expect when Sean boy heard of this he was not well pleased and decided that the best idea would be to withdraw from the festival.

I don't know about you but I found this extraordinary, Sean Connery feels it necessary EVERY time there is an election in Scotland to, not only bank roll the SNP, but to tell everyone in Scotland that they should vote exclusively for them (next years elections using STV will be fun) as Scottish Independence is apparently (according to the narrow minded nationalists) exactly what Scotland needs. Yet Mr Connery refuses to be questioned on these views as well as others. Surely if this was slanderous Mr Connery would have taken the magazine in question to court? Can we assume that it is therefore an accurate description of his views? In fact his views are quoted in the Guardian newspaper article of December 10th 2005, entitled 'A year of killing'.

My issue here is that Domestic Violence is an extremely important subject and if Mr Connery wants to be taken seriously -as he obviously does by doing the rounds at election time- he should be either denying or explaining his remarks surely the political festival would be an ideal opportunity to do this?

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