Monday, November 20, 2006



In contrast to what I have written about the Friends of Seedhill Playing Fields in the past this is not going to be a positive post! I have just checked in on their website and noticed a new article written by the group which is littered with inaccuracies and which is at best disingenuous.

To set the record straight this is the truth!

The Council have changed their plans partly due to cost but, partly due to listening to the community and the objections that have been made. There are NO PLANS for 79 flats on the ground and this has been advised numerous times yet the front page of the website still suggests this, why?

Despite the Director of Planning and Transport, the Head of Transport and the technical officer who commissioned the report advising the group that the contamination on the ground is not any different from that on any other urban site, the group continue to suggest that the ground is somehow dangerous to human life!

They advise that the land at Millarston has been sold for £8 Million pounds which is absolutely ridiculous and unfounded! No one knows where they have plucked this figure from and I can categorically deny it!

They further advise that the decision was take illegally and that the report was 'hidden', maybe this is something that they should take up with their Local Elected Representative Cllr Celia Lawson, she will be able to advise that EVERY Councillor in Renfrewshire gets EVERY council agenda and report across their desk, this would have included the report on the sale of the land at Seedhill Playing Fields in Cllr Lawson's ward.

I personally pointed out that even if you miss something on a board paper you have several representatives of your party on the policy board and they would be able to highlight this to you, at least that is the way it works in the Labour group where we work as a team, recent press reports from evictees of the SNP would suggest that this is not how they work.

The reasons for selling the land have not changed and the group are aware of this, despite what this press release says!

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