Tuesday, November 21, 2006



There is an article in the Scotsman this morning entitled 'Disabled parking-bay cheats face stiff fines under new law', it reports the new bill introduced by Jackie Baillie MSP (Labour) which would see the idiots that park in the disabled parking bays in supermarkets without a disabled badge having to pay fines. She goes further by suggesting that it should apply no matter where the disabled parking bay is whether it is outside your house for instance!

I could not agree more on this front, as a Local Councillor I get lots of complaints about parking hence the East End Parking scheme, one of the main problems is that the disabled bays are not statutory and people do not respect the need of the disabled for these bays! I am trying to see if Ms Baillie has an elctronic copy of this consultation document so that I can get it to the local Disability Resource Centre and my constituents.
Thanks to Jackie Baillie for this it will make a huge difference to people's lives.

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