Thursday, November 23, 2006



I hate blogs that just reproduce the news without any comment or extra but this is well worth it!

Dr Elaine Murray (Labour) MSP has suggested yesterday (according to the BBC) that she will be closing down her Halifax/Bank of Scotland (HBOS) accounts unless they do more to help the Farepak victims, I am 100% behind this, it won't mean much to them to lose my business I have an old account with about £10 in it, but I do have friends and family who have their everyday accounts with HBOS and I would encourage them to write to HBOS to tell them that they are intending to do this! (added 27th November 2006) This is to encourage them to help out the Farepak victims in a more significant way, many of whom are no doubt customers of HBOS.

Come on Everyone just think 'People Power' we have done it before and will do it again! Also remember that European Home Retail (EHR) own Kleeneze so if they come round don't buy anything!

I have recently been taken to task for this last point by a Kleeneze rep who has suggested that it simply hurts the agents and ruins their Christmas and I take that point but given that the parent company EHR have reneged on giving the Farepak customers the goods how confident can you be as a consumer that you will get your Kleeneze goods?

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