Sunday, October 01, 2006



Well it is all falling apart now for the SNP nationally, as well as locally! It was revealed today in a national newspaper that Alex Salmond has allegedly 'threatened' Mike Russell his once friend now arch nemesis, that unless he change sections of his new book he would be removed from the SNP's list for next years Holyrood Elections. So threatened is he by new ideas!

Never mind the fact that a lot of the ideas he suggested were relatively harmless were damaging enough, the ideas that were supposedly very damaging are too harsh even for the Tories, by this I mean the old Tories not the new ones who love trees so much they make them part of the scenery on the stage at conference (pathetic!)

Mike Russell and his co author suggested a flat rate tax so someone on £1,000,000 pays the same tax as someone on £5,000, I suppose this would help Shir Shean Connery's return! This is supposedly one of the more 'harmless suggestions', although this may be why Mr Salmond thinks that working with the Conservatives is also relatively harmless!

All in all it just proves what we in the Labour Party in Scotland have known about the SNP for sometime, their days of being far right in one area and centre left in another are gone! Roll on next years elections!

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