Wednesday, October 04, 2006



One of my close friends called me today after hearing Cameron speak, she is a 'floating voter' and although she sympathises with Labour (mainly because of my talking her through policies) I encourage her to make up her own mind about parties and policies, you get a better class of debate that way! Anyway this friend said next election she is definitely voting Labour at the next election.

Her point was that Cameron can't be trusted if he uses his son as an example of why the NHS is best in his hands, he is not going to be thinking of what is best for the country simply what is best for his child, as you would expect from any father.

Who decides what is best for the patients and the professionals? What happens if there is a conflict between the two? For example in the news today we learn of Ayr accident and emergency being closed in order to make the Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock a 'blue light' or specialised emergency hospital.

This is good for the professionals, and the patients, yet patients are suggesting that people will die, who makes the decision here? Who decides what is best? Yet again a HUGE whole in the policies of the Tories.

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