Monday, October 02, 2006



Last night's newsnight programme contained an article on the whole Sheridan/Police debacle. The main problem here is that while it showed Sheridan speaking it seemed to show loads of people entering the building. Why is this a problem? Well I have it from my (very reliable) sources that there were relatively few people at the event, and that the footage of the group arriving was slightly altered as it did not show them coming from the direction of the train station it has been suggested by some who witnessed this, that the majority of those in attendance were not from the area.

Not that we care, to be honest Sheridan and his mob are a busted flush, the perjury investigation should be interesting given that Mr Sheridan has already advised at his trial that he would lie under oath for political reasons, this is the man who was the founder and former leader of the Scottish Socialists, which begs the question what else has the party lied about under his leadership?

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