Thursday, October 05, 2006



On this evenings Scottish news the BBC ran a feature on Linwood and the issues surrounding the shopping centre. It was a prime of example of the lack of understanding of serious issues that the SNP locally show, that they let their Scottish Parliamentary (perennial) candidate Andy Doig to speak on national TV.

He suggested (incorrectly) that the Council and the developers have done nothing to try and resolve the situation, fortunately it was a 'somewhat' balanced piece and the Director for Planning and Transport and Balmour advised the viewing public that the Council and Balmour were working together and the plans for upgrading the centre should be out within the next few weeks.

I am appalled that the BBC saw fit to interview the SNP candidate instead of the elected members such as Cllr Green the planning convener or Wendy Alexander the local MSP (who has been working with both Renfrewshire Council and the Local Community to resolve the situation). Mr Doig and the SNP are latecomers to this particular party as usual!

2 comments: said...

I never saw the news feature so I cant comment on that.

Great blog though and gave me some idea of what I missed on the telly;-)

I put a topic on the forum on this.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I suppose the council could do more.That place is a disaster just like Paisley..The council could at least paint the metal work around linwood shopping centre!!! it would improve the look of it and might attract business.


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