Thursday, February 22, 2007



I have been watching Question Time for about ten minutes and it is never clearer than now that the SNP have been packing EVERY public meeting that they can. Salmond's debating skills have not improved any, his skill is in smug and self serving comments, interupting others and shouting people down, it is unfortunate that this is something that the SNP locally in Renfrewshire think is a worthwhile skill!

Green Policies but the SNP leader thinks that the road taxing is the same as a poll tax! Thinks that this is a 'daft proposal' even though he called for the introduction of the Road charging in the Westminster Parliament in 1998 (Nicol Stephen on the programme). To be honest I was not impressed he kind of just went for the I know what ever I say I am going to get a cheer so why bother mode tonight, although watch this space for his press release 'The Scottish People are behind me'!!

It is worth noting though that the SNP leader's attendance at votes in the Westminster Parliament, have a look at his record through, according to this it is around 28% across the 3 periods given (although between 1997-2001 it was around 16%), it is strange that someone with let's be honest such a poor attendance record at the Parliament would want to keep it on if he is elected in May, the question then has to be, would his attendance be any better at the Scottish Parliament?


RightForScotland said...

I did not realise it was last night the program was in Edinburgh, I just chanced upon it 10 minutes in.

I watched it bearing in mind your comment about the SNP stacking the audience. I felt that the two guys who asked after McConnell sounded like plants but Faulks came off looking quite bad.

You know about that stacking email, I know about it and no doubt Faulks knew about it. But the ordinary person does not. I felt that when he said the two men were plants and then pointed the finger at Salmond he came across as paranoid (especially to the "oooohhh" from the audience and the smirk from Salmond himself). I think he could have made the accusation better.

They two were right however that McConnell should have been there, but I would then have said that given the panel would have been McConnell, Goldie and Nicol then Sturgeon should have been in for the SNP.

But the last time I reviewed a Scottish Question Time in my blog I noted that her performance was horrible and that she had rings run round her.

I thought that the person who came off best in the program was Goldie simply because, as you commented, there was a lot of shouting down on all sides. Goldie restricted her comments to when she was asked by Dimbleby to the best of my knowledge and she worked a very clever game of showing (particularly Nicol/Salmond) petty politicians essentially shouting at each other and finger jabbing.

All in all not a good advert for the elections. But still miles better than when the show is in Belfast.

RightForScotland said...

Sorry, "Nicol Stephen" for some reason I thought Nicol was his surname.

JPJ2 said...

This strikes me as a spectacular own goal by you. Try looking up the record of the leader of the Labour Party, one Tony Blair. It is not remotely as good as Alex Salmond's record.

Rayleen Kelly said...

jpj2: Not so if you look at the explanations you will see the difference, also your comment does nothing to advise of why Salmond's record is so low! Given that the SNP leader of Glasgow City Council was in the Herald letters page last year condeming a Labour Councillor for having attendance under 50% it seems hypocritical!

And are you seriously trying to suggest that Alex Salmond's job as an MP is as demanding as Tony Blair's?


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