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A short time ago I was accused of being paranoid because I accused the nationalists of packing the meeting between Niclola Sturgeon and Wendy Alexander. Some suggested the Labour Party do the same, I have been unable to find evidence of this but I have found evidence of the Nationalists at least attempting to do this check out the following post I found on an independence forum ...

Question Time next week

Author: Robin Day
Date: 16-02-07 21:33
Alex Salmond is appearing on Question Time Next Thursday evening (22nd) in Edinburgh. With the election looming it is especially important we can get a favourable audience.Below is the number and url to call to apply for tickets.

Question Time Ticket No: 01299 829 003


I wonder why though, the SNP never tire of telling us how wonderful a debater and all round perfect person Salmond is so why are they so scared of having a representative audience? Answers on a postcard!

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