Saturday, February 24, 2007



Today was another one of those where you are running to catch up with yourself, this morning was the Clyde Muirshiel Park Joint Authority meeting which is always really interesting. Unfortunately on the agenda this morning was an item (number 6) suggesting that we shut the facility at Lunderston Bay, no one wants to shut the facility we recognise the benefits of the service but, the ineffectual management of Inverclyde Council and Ardgowan Estates has meant that the reputation of the Park and it's managers are being damaged as we are being blamed for the run down nature of the facilities on offer.

The Councillor from Inverclyde (who was standing in from the usual delegate) suggested that we don't shut the facility, he advised that he would talk to the Chief Executive and get something sorted, although the rest of the committee were sceptical about the progress we agreed that we give the Council until the 29th of March to make significant progress, it was pointed out that Inverclyde Council have had a representative present at this board and that although the action being taken is welcome it is 'too little too late'.

Next quick journey down the road back to the Council chambers and into the Community Health Partnership, the meeting was just about to start as I arrived but made it on time! The agenda as usual was fierce and it included the Community Health Partnership's development plan which is a huge body of work and is an excellent piece of work, if you have time have a look at it. The equality plan was also discussed and the need for a plan and information on the equality of service delivery and this was agreed.

After this it was back to working for my constituents and trying to chase up enquiries that were outstanding. I did not get home around sixish, partly due to a stray staffie outside the office window and having to wait for the dog warden to come and rescue him, hope he found his family! As it is my mum's birthday I running straight back out the door to go see her and see if we can take her out for dinner!

Happy Birthday Mum, hope you had a good day! Here is hoping tomorrow is a little more relaxing!

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