Saturday, February 24, 2007



As I have mentioned on here before I don't drive, but, my sister and I went to Braehead this afternoon and she drove. My sister is an excellent driver and obeys the speed limit and knows her highway code practically inside out, I know this because I constantly ask her questions and annoyingly she always knows the answers.

Anyone who has visited Braehead recently will know that on the way out of the red car park one of the lanes is closed, on coming back from XScape after dinner we noticed my biggest pet hate... drivers who know that the outside lane is closed but travel right up it anyway to force their way into the traffic to save themselves about five minutes, it annoys other drivers and it causes accidents because people get really frustrated.

Well to the guy who was travelling behind us in the dark green car, well done! knowing that the outside lane closed ahead he sat in the middle of both lanes to stop the traffic skipping the que, it seems childish I know but it did make me smile, one driver behind him even peeped the horn to try and move him out the road, I mean they know the lane is closed why peep your horn? Like you are going to get a good reception to that from everyone else on the road who knows exactly what you are up to!

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