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The Liberals on Renfrewshire Council (three members) have often been accused of putting forward a 'three ward budget' covering the issues only in their own wards, would today be the day they changed?

Give them their due they did actually do a lot of work and present a budget (more than can be said for the SNP) although the content did not deserve very much praise. I don't think that it is reasonable to suggest that programmes aimed at helping the most vulnerable in our society should be cut, and stopped in some cases, it turns out that the Liberals do. Among their cuts are ...

Reduction in music and inclusion services
Cutting the Parenting Project (RAMPS)
Axing 12 homelink workers
Discontinuing the Sports Development Service
Axing 5 business support officers for schools
'Procurement efficiencies in Adult supported living provision'

The majority of the above are fairly self explanatory and on one page alone I counted the axing of 19 jobs, that is only the jobs they have specified! The main issue is that they are targeting the education, support and health of some of the most vulnerable in our community, the children.

Cutting inclusion services? Cutting the Home School Link workers? The home school link is extremely well thought of and has won national awards yet the Liberals want to strip the service. They did want to spend £100,000 on youth sports activities yet they are scrapping the sports development service, it doesn't quite add up does it?

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