Thursday, February 01, 2007



Apart from the spat outlined below, the Full Council meeting today was pretty uneventful. On the agenda item on Scottish Water, Cllr McKay advised that more money needed to be invested in Scottish Water -lets see if that is in the Local or National SNP Budget plans?- they suggested that the storms which hit the UK as a whole were badly handled by Scottish Water, it was pointed out that more investment would be excellent but that the storms were severe and affected the whole Country, had the storms that hit this year hit Renfrewshire ten years ago before the Labour Controlled council invested in the Flood Prevention works, there is no doubt that Thousands of people would have been put out of their homes. As it was only a handful of people were unable to stay at home, during storm conditions which are said to happen only once in every eighty years.

We do need to improve the investment in Scottish Water, we also need to look at the issues that arose from the recent flooding, and the Labour amendment covered these issues, I am proud to be part of a group which takes these issues so seriously maybe part of the problem is that the Labour Group have not been blowing their own trumpet, well check in here for future information on our achievements.

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