Wednesday, January 31, 2007



This week the Council has two Full Council meetings, the ordinary meeting which has not long finished, and the budget meeting scheduled for Friday. Watch this space for an update on the budget meeting tomorrow but for this post I will concentrate on this morning's meeting.

On the item regarding the formation of the Independent Group on the Council, two ex SNP Councillor's one of whom is currently suspended by the Standards Commission, the proposal was to have the group allocated two boards, the Regulatory Functions board (of which Cllr Martin was a member) and the Scrutiny Board.

Cllr Martin took exception to being offered these boards and suggested no one really wanted to go on them, it has been widely acknowledge that the SNP went in a huff when they didn't get the Deputy Convener post for the Scrutiny board and as such didn't bother turning up to any of the meetings (although it doesn't stop them trying to amend the reports when they come to the Full Council), Cllr's Vassie and Martin were never on this board but it seems don't want to be either. As for the Regulatory Functions Board Cllr Martin was on this board although his attendance was around 22% until late last year the SNP replaced him with Cllr McGuiness. Despite Cllr Martin's protestations that both Cllr Vasie and he had excellent attendance records the reality is very different.

Cllr Martin pretty much agreed with the SNP on most things this morning, no great surprise there then, but what was interesting was the 'lovers spat' between the Independents and the SNP, he went as far as suggesting that the SNP were out to get rid of him before he jumped allegations about his attendance being doctored were abound! More to follow no doubt!

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